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Analyzing My 2019 GitHub Usage in R

Introduction If you are anything like me, then you probably enjoy the contribution graphs that GitHub posts to both your own and others GitHub profile. You can see mine here. Since it is the beginning of a new year, I thought it would be fun to take a look back to see how I used GitHub in 2019 and in previous years. This is made much easier by using the gh R package which provides an R interface to the GitHub API.

dragondown: A bookdown template for writing your thesis/dissertation at Drexel University in R

I am happy to introduce the dragondown R package. This package will allow for you to write your Drexel University Master’s or PhD Thesis/Dissertation entirely in Rmarkdown without having to write it in LaTeX. This package is inspired by the thesisdown package. How it works Using dragondown is fairly straightforward. dragondown (along with other Rmarkdown projects) are typically best when done in RStudio, so your first step is to install RStudio and R.

Get the Office Quotes in R with the dundermifflin Package

Introduction I am happy to share a fun project I put together this weekend - a new R package called dundermifflin. If you can’t guess from the name, it will give you quotes from the Office whenever you want! This package was inspired by the goodshirt package, which gives users quotes from The Good Place, I was able to great a similar package for the Office. By using theOffice-api, I created a data set, office_quotes, that is shipped with the package, that has every line from the Office, with the exception of season 5.

Using Scoped dplyr verbs

Introduction Over the past several months, I have really started to increase the amount that I have been using scoped dplyr verbs. For those of you who don’t know about these functions, they are handy variants to the normal dplyr verbs, such as filter, mutate, and summarize, that allow you to target multiple columns or all of your columns. These functions allow for you to save yourself time and typing when you want to apply either one or multiple functions to more than one column, a group of columns, or to all of your columns.

Presentation at Delaware Watershed Research Conference 2018

I am pleased to announce that I will presenting at the upcoming Delaware Watershed Reseach Conference 2018 at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University on Thursday November 29, 2018. My presentation is entitled “Comparing Illumina MiSeq and PacBio Sequel Sequencing of Fecal Samples from Various Animal Sources Potentially Contributing to Microbial Contamination of the Delaware River Watershed”. This presentation will discuss ongoing research within the Sales Laboratory Group at Drexel University.

Calculating quantiles for groups with dplyr::summarize and purrr::partial

Recently, I was trying to calculate the percentiles of a set of variables within a data set grouped by another variable. However, I quickly ran into the realization that this is not very straight forward when using dplyr’s summarize. Before I demonstrate, let’s load the libraries that we will need. library(dplyr) library(purrr) If you don’t believe me when I say that it is not straight forward, go ahead and try to run the following block of code.

Paper Published, Using Historical LCR and Water Quality Data to Evaluate Corrosion Control Treatment in JAWWA

I am pleased to announce that my manuscript entitled “Using Historical LCR and Water Quality Data to Evaluate Corrosion Control Treatment” has been published in the upcoming issue of Journal - American Water Works Association (JAWWA October 2018). This article is a case study that explores the utility of historical LCR and water quality data to assess a drinking water distribution system’s corrosion control treatment progress. I would like to thank my co-author, Nicola Horscroft, who is the lead Project Engineer for the LCR sampling program for the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD).

Tracking Joey Wendle's rookie season with gganimate

Introduction This past weekend I got the chance to go to the Tampa Bay Rays vs Cleveland Indians game. This game was a ton of fun, made even more exciting for me - and by the end of the game, the people in my section - because my brother-in-law’s brother (does that make him my brother-in-law too? No one ever knows for sure…), Joey Wendle, plays for the Rays! In case you haven’t been paying attention, Joey has been having a MASSIVE rookie season.

Add RStudio Community to your blogs social links - Blackburn Theme

Introduction Recently, I switched themes for my blog to the blackburn theme and I love it! Luckily, the blogdown package makes this super easy to do within R! If you haven’t used blogdown, I highly recommend you take a look at it for setting up your blog. One of the nice features of the blackburn theme, is that it provides easy to add “social” tags that can be configured in your config.

Create a dynamic number of UI elements in Shiny with purrr

Introduction purrr is an incredibly powerful package that has greatly enhanced my R programming abilities. purrr has applications in pretty much any situation. One of the most useful situations, IMHO, is in the creation of a dynamic number of shiny UI elements. This can be extremely useful if you want to be able to create a dynamic number of ui elements (whether that be inputs or outputs) based on either user selection or the data being used.